YES!!  We have done it!  We are so very proud and excited. Twelve months of walking, talking, experimenting and forming partnerships with great people we love working with. This is our passion and we feel incredibly privileged to share it with you.

Say It With Gin is a brand spanking new fabulous artisan gin company… we are thrilled to be launching and No.6 Soulmate is our first gin in our collection. We love it for it’s warmth (ginger helps that), it’s zestiness (fresh lime), it’s long lingering taste curtesy of sweet almond and warm cardamom. In a nutshell it is a gorgeous classic dry gin to be accompanied by your normal tonic and garnish. That’s the beauty of a fabulous gin… you do it your way! Our way for No.6 Soulmate is a non-flavoured tonic, lots of ice and a generous slice of fresh lime.

What makes us special? Other than being a flipping great gin (don’t just take our word for it), we have combined our love of gifting with our love of gin… a Say It With Gin gift is a wonderful way to tell someone that you are thinking about them. Brand new gifting concept and incredibly special, send the gin lover in your life a gorgeous bottle of No.6 Soulmate gin… either with a hand painted message or a beautiful front label.

We are really excited to be here and we look forward to sharing our gin with you.

Debbie & Sharon x

About US

We usually write our blogs together, in a moment of ginspiration one of us will have a spark of an idea, a little thought that we think might be worthy of sharing! We hope that you like what we have to say... always spoken from the heart. Debbie & Sharon x