Who we are

We are Debbie & Sharon, best friends who share a passion for fun, adventure, laughter, love, compassion, and in our own small way we try to make the world a tiny bit better. We also share a huge passion for GIN!

Over the years we have laughed, cried, celebrated, walked, stomped our feet in utter despair and nursed many a sore head through various bottles of gin… always knowing that someone cared, someone was there for us or was thinking about us.

It was during one of our many yomps across the beautiful Kent countryside that we had our moment of ginspiration… ‘Why not combine our love of gin and our love for giving’ and so sayitwithgin was born. From that moment our biggest adventure to date started! Learning the art of making gin, developing our recipes, endlessly using our friends and family as gin tasters, constantly experimenting and refining until we were happy that we had created a wonderful gift for the gin lovers in your life.

We all have moments in life when we want to show someone that we are thinking about them. And what better way than by gifting a fabulous artisan gin, in a beautiful hand painted personalised bottle, gift wrapped and posted in our environmentally sustainable packaging.’

Our passion for gin started a long time ago!

After years of gin guzzling and appreciation we feel pretty confident that we have honed our pallettes sufficiently well to appreciate what we consider to be a great gin and we are incredibly proud to have produced the most ginabulous No.6 Soulmate Classic London Dry Gin. We think its a really gorgeous gin, and hope you do too.

No.6 Soulmate

Our No.6 Soulmate gin is a rich full bodied Classic London Dry Gin that has been created in Kent and lovingly distilled in Cornwall in handmade copper pot stills using some of our favourite botanical ingredients: aromatic juniper (naturally!), fresh zesty lime, exotic ginger, warm and comforting cardamon, sweet almond and a smattering of glorious fennel seeds.

Created to be loved and shared… simply pour over ice with a splash of your favourite tonic and a twist of lime. Ginalicious!

Why a Hummingbird?

This beautiful little bird represents how small acts can make an enormous impact. They are seen around the word as a symbol of joy, hope, love, playfulness, remembrance and friendship. All of the things we hope our gin will bring to you and your loved ones. These brave little birds are not only a messenger of good luck, they also play a important role environmentally. When forming our business, sustainability and making the world a better place one gin at a time was at the heart of everything that we set out to achieve. We believe that together we can do this.

Our promise to you

We care about our world and we want to try our best to make it a better place one gin at a time.

We use local quality ingredients wherever possible and our batches are genuinely small – approximately 300 wonderful bottles of gin per batch.

We work with partners who share the same passion that we do for all things sustainable and artisan.

We aim to make your gift a truly wonderful experience for your special someone, and we hope that they will enjoy receiving the gift as much as we will have enjoyed making it for them. Or maybe the gift is a treat for you. Either way you can be assured that each individual order is lovingly prepared by us and aims to delight.

We would love to hear from you, so please contact us if you have any questions or simply want to say hello…

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