In January 2023 we officially launched Say it with Gin and here we are 6 months later taking a deep breath and reflecting on the last 6 months…. and what an incredible, amazing, exciting and wonderful time it has been.  We have learnt a lot; both about ourselves and how we work together and about the wonderous world of gin crafting.

When we first started out on our crazy but passionate ginvolution journey we were very clear on three things:
1. Our gin had to be absolutely the best
2. Never to lose sight of the art of giving and thinking about others
3. Both laughing and crying are great emotions.

 We have had the privilege of painting personalised bottles for weddings, birthday’s, new homes, “just because”, bon voyage, Easter, Mother’s Day and our latest commission includes an MBE celebration, of which we are hugely excited. Some of them have been challenging, and hilarious…who knew what an African Hippo surrounded by water hyacinths would look like painted on a gin bottle or an Egyptian camel?? (Very good is the answer!). We have loved the challenges presented to us and nothing has given us more delight than someone saying “wow thank you, not only is the bottle beautiful and very personal but the gin is gorgeous” or “that is perfect and I know the person I am gifting it to will love it” or “thank you, they were totally overwhelmed by the personalisation, which led to tears”. We quickly discovered that some people just wanted a bottle for themselves or wanted a refill so we created a fab front label just for that purpose.

It has also been brilliant to partner with local independent establishments and see our No.6 Soulmate behind their bar… a very exciting and proud moment walking into a public place and ordering your own gin!  A big thank you and shout out to Claire & Duncan at the Dog House Microbrewery in Evegate, Smeeth, Kent for putting their trust in us and being our first independent establishment to say “ yep that is one great gin and we want to share it with our customers”.

So what do the next 6 months look like for us?

  • Very excited to be showcasing our gin at several craft/food & drink fairs/local markets. A fantastic opportunity to reach more gin lovers and spread our ginvolution even further 😊
  • Working with corporate clients as both part of their team building days; running No.6 Soulmate gin masterclasses and having a bit of fun painting gin bottles…a fun and powerful way to share thoughts and messages and also personalising bottles for clients, suppliers and their people as a thankyou/recognition gift
  • Continuing to partner with other local independent establishments to showcase and spread our ginvolution. Please do contact us if you have any suggestions, maybe your favourite local drinking establishment or farm shop.
  • Finding the right charities for us to support. This is very personal and important to us and we hope we can update you all soon
  • And our favourite trip in the next 6 months will be a trip to our distillers in Cornwall where we will distill and bottle our second batch of No.6 Soulmate gin…..we cannot wait to spend time with such brilliant people doing what we love best…..making gorgeous gin 😊

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our first 6 months.

Debbie & Sharon x

About US

We usually write our blogs together, in a moment of ginspiration one of us will have a spark of an idea, a little thought that we think might be worthy of sharing! We hope that you like what we have to say... always spoken from the heart. Debbie & Sharon x