Distilling No.6 Soulmate Batch 002

It is incredibly exciting to be back in Cornwall distilling batch 002 of our fabulous No.6 Soulmate… we are honoured to be working with the award winning team at Colwith Farm Distillery, they totally embrace our slightly bonkers (imagine being 5 years old running free in the toyshop on Christmas morning, well that is how we feel at the distillery – our excitement bubbles over) approach to making our gin!

We utilise a combination of vapour infusion and maceration distillation techniques, in traditional beautiful handmade copper pot stills. We just love how the vapour distillation lightens and brightens our gin (making it truly delightful on the taste buds) and it is a really efficient way of extracting all of those fabulous flavours from our botanicals. We heat the copper pot stills long and slow to maximise the intensity of the flavours.

We always arrive at the distillery bang on time at 8.30am (for those who know us, this the first miracle of the day!) armed with cakes (everyone loves cake) and smiles, ready to recreate the magic and distil our second batch. Steve has an incredible team who just can’t do enough for us… we’re made to feel completely at home and part of the Colwith Farm family. Master Distiller Jords commands the stills like a general on the battlefield and we’ve learnt so much working alongside him. Quality control and sustainability are at the heart of our processes and working with people who share the same core values as we do is essential.

Batch 002 see’s the addition of a shimmering copper coloured wax seal… a slightly messy and chaotic addition to the bottling production line until we mastered the technique!!! We found a fabulous British Wax company based in Redhill and we were able to collect the wax in person enroute to Cornwall. We are thrilled with Batch 002, same great flavour profile, 325 bottles this time which are on sale now!

So a big thank you to Steve, Jords, Egor and the team… we can’t wait for our next trip to Cornwall to distil batch 003 and maybe, just maybe, we can get a little creative with the botanicals and start working on a new flavour to add to our collection!

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